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How human are we?

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A very interesting article from the BBC, scientists have confirmed that we are actually only 43% human… that is 43% of your body’s total cell count is human, the majority of the cells in your body, the 57%, are microscopic bacteria.


You’re more microbe than human!



These bacteria are essential for your health, and good health is becoming more about these bacteria, than it is about just your body.


The majority of the microbiome can be found in your gut and bowels, and they play a role in digestion, the production of vitamins, your immune system, and the fight against disease.


And like all things, there are good bacteria and bad bacteria… and yes, you’ve guessed it… junk food, sugars, and processed foods, kill the good bacteria and feed the bad bacteria. 


In fact a 2015 study at Kings College, London, showed that a 10 day diet of McDonald’s burgers, chip and coke, caused the loss of 1,300 species of good gut bacteria. There should normally be around 3,500 different microbial species there.



Not only that, when bad bacteria don’t get sugar, they complain… American researchers found that microbes may cause us to crave the sugars and fats they need to thrive, by flooding our bodies with molecules.


Even more interestingly, to demonstrate how these bacteria can contribute to obesity, researchers at the University of Colorado, USA, found they could change a mouse's weight just by giving it the microbes from someone who is lean or obese.


They could make them thinner or fatter, depending on whose microbes they get. 


Some good news… it’s not about excluding fat and sugar from your diet. 


It’s more important to have a diet that’s diverse, fresh and natural as possible… eating as many different food types as you can. Variety in this case really is the ‘spice of life’.


Reduce your processed foods, as these usually come from just four ingredients: corn, soya, wheat or meat. Tinned and long shelf-life foods have had most or even all microbes within them killed off. 


A quick and easy way to increase your good guy bacteria is by changing your diet, if you eat the same things each week, every week, it’s time for a change. 



Introduce fermented foods to your diet, these are foods where the bacteria has had a party on them, before you consume them. Fresh live, or (even better) homemade yoghurt, the milk drink kefir, and sauerkraut are good places to start.  


Garlic, leeks, asparagus, coffee, celery, onions, even Belgian Beer, as well as Organic Prebiotic Inulin, have all been shown to promote health gut flora.