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Could Protein Help Reduce High Blood Pressure?

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High blood pressure affects one in three adults in the UK, and is responsible for 60% of strokes and 40% of heart attacks as well as a risk factor for heart disease, kidney disease, and dementia, sexual dysfunction, and eye disease.


And according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, protein may be a key ingredient to help lower it. 


The study found that by simply replacing carbohydrates in the diet with protein, significantly reduced blood pressure.


Fortunately, in many cases, high blood can be prevented before it starts, as even slightly elevated blood pressure, called prehypertension, can increase the risks of many serious health problems.


The power of protein


Previous studies have already indicated that protein, and especially plant protein could help reduce blood pressure.  There are many good sources of plant protein, including Golden Greens® Organic hemp and pea protein powders, which are between 50% - 80% vegan protein by weight.


To examine this further, scientists from the Netherlands measured the effects of replacing calories from carbohydrates with protein on overweight people who had prehypertension and low-grade hypertension. 


The study lasted 4 weeks and involved 94 people. During the study, the subjects followed the same basic diet. In addition, each day they were given either 60 grams of a protein supplement, or 60 grams of maltodextrin, which is a carbohydrate.


The participates had their blood pressure measured at the start of the study and again at the end. The measurements were taken both in and out of work.


The results are interesting. Those taking protein for 4 weeks, had five points lower systolic blood pressure in both the office and during the day, for the those in the protein group compared to the carbohydrate group.


So whats in five points?


Well, studies have shown that just by reducing systolic blood pressure by five points results in a 14% reduced risk of dying from a stroke, and 9% reduced risk of heart disease related death.


Scientists are still investigating how and why protein affects blood pressure and further studies need to be conducted.


There are also some other very simple things you can do to maintain a health blood pressure:


a. Lose weight, shedding a few pounds can pay big dividends when it comes to your health in many ways, and being overweight is a key factor for high blood pressure.


b. Balanced, healthy diet. Everything we eat has an influence on our health, especially our heart.Dark leafy greens, nuts, and fish are high in magnesium, while Golden Greens® Organic Inulin is very high in fibre; and these foods could help lower your blood pressure naturally.


c. Exercise, what a difference a 30 minute daily walk makes. In 1990's the Osaka Gas company, Japan, found that of their employees who walked less than ten mins per day, there was no real change in the rates of high blood pressure, however among those that walked between 11 - 20 mins per day there a 12% reduction the rates of high blood pressure, for those walking 21 mins per day or longer, the reduction was 29% and it was calculated that for every additional ten minute walk the rates dropped by a further 12%.