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Acai Berry Blast

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  • 2 min read

As the colder weather draws in it is time to add immune boosting superfoods to your diet to help fight off any nasty cold and flu viruses that seem to be lurking everywhere! 


As a lover of Green Organics products here’s an exclusive recipe using theirAcai powder andBee pollen which will energise your body and add a spring to your step!


The vitamins and minerals in Bee pollen help boost energy, reinforces the immune system.


Sprinkling the bee pollen on top of the smoothie adds a slightly floral and bitter sweet taste as it slowly sinks down and takes on the other flavours in the smoothie. It also adds a slightly chewy texture which I quite like! However feel free just to pop it in and blend it along with the other ingredients.


Acai powder is one of the world’s most powerful superfood berries. It is abundant with antioxidants, including Vitamins C and E and will help brighten your skin and perk up your energy levels. 


I have teamed these two powerful ingredients into one super simple, delicious tasting smoothie, ideal for a quick energy burst in the mornings or as a pick me up in the afternoon. What’s more it only takes 5 minutes to make so you will be feeling the benefits in no time at all! 




1 banana

2 handfuls blueberries

6-7 Romaine lettuce leaves (Spinach would work just as well)

½ tsp.  Ground Cinnamon

1 tsp. Greens Organics Acai Powder

300ml almond milk

1 heaped tsp. Greens Organics Bee Pollen


Simply blend the ingredients together in a blender, sprinkle the bee pollen onto the top of the smoothie and enjoy!

For more superfood smoothie recipes please visit Effortlessly Emma at