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7 amazing facts of the power smiling

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  • 1 min read

1. A 30-year  longitudinal study at the University of California, found that by measuring the students' smiles from photos in an old year book, researchers were able to predict how fulfilling and long-lasting a subject's marriage would be.


2. Smiles create smiles… A study from Uppsala University, Sweden found that it’s almost impossible to frown when looking at someone who’s smiling at you. 



Smiling actually suppresses our control over our facial muscles, so all we can do is smile, a smile is actually contagious!


3. Smiling makes us feel better, even if we force ourselves to smile. A smile changes the way we process our emotions in the brain. 


Smiling, like eating chocolate, stimulates the pleasure centres of our brain, however researchers in the UK found that the effects on the brain of smiling are many, many times more powerful than those produced by eating chocolate.


4. Smiling releases endorphins, which are natural pain relievers, along with serotonin, which is also associated with feel good properties. 


5. Smiling will make you look good to others. Researchers at Penn State University, found that when smiling, subjects appear more likeable, more courteous and also more competent!


6. You need a smile that engages the muscles in the mouth, cheeks, and eyes, to get these positive results. 


7. You can fake it too!  If you find you're not able to smile, just get a pencil and hold it lengthwise between your teeth, and this will force you to smile, and the results will still be the same!