How to Reduce Visceral Fat - BBC's How to Stay Young

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What the Doctor said to Angela Rippon...



In the BBC's series 'How to Stay Young', Angela Rippon looks at what can lead to long and healthy life. 



Hidden fat on the inside



Angela undertakes an MRI scan to reveal just how healthy she is on the inside, only to discover much to her shock, that her organs are surrounded by seven litres of visceral fat!



Watch the video by clicking below, to see Angela's reaction, and how Inulin may be the key to dissolving this hidden, visceral fat.







Improving Gut Health



The BBC's 'Trust Me I'm A Doctor', have also examined Inulin for it's role as a prebiotic to nourish your good gut bacteria, and it's effectiveness for promoting better sleep.



How do I use it?



Just take a teaspoon a day. What's more, because of it's mild sweet taste, celebrity Chef Tom Kerridge recommends Inulin as a carb-free sugar replacement, ideal for those looking to cut down their sugar intake.





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