Benefits of Turmeric in 60 Seconds

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Here's everything you need to know about Turmeric in 60 seconds



If you’ve heard about Turmeric, Curcumin or even Turmeric Lattes and don’t know quite where to start, it’s alright, here's a good place.



Trust Me I'm A Doctor



The BBC's 'Trust Me I'm A Doctor' team, examined Turmeric and the active ‘compound’ within it called curcumin



This 60 second video explains what they found, and it's fascinating...







Gary Barlow’s secret to weight loss



And Take That star, Gary Barlow is a recent convert, saying that Turmeric Golden Milk is his secret to weight loss, and even tweeting his own special recipe.



How do I use it?



Golden Turmeric is so easy to use. It's already blended with organic ginger and black pepper for maximum curcumin absorption.



Just add it to hot milk (or soy) for an instant Golden Milk or Turmic Latte, you can watch this 30 second video guide to making the perfect Turmeric Latte every time.



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