Supporting Sightsavers

75% of blindness could be prevented or cured

Sightsavers (Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind) work to prevent blindness and restore sight, to those in the poorer countries of our world.

With your help we're able to help towards the funding of cataract operations to give blind children their sight back, and  treatment to prevent entire families from losing their sight to river blindness.

Donating 100% of your purchase price

We’re donating 100% of the purchase price of some the products you're buying (they’re labelled with the sightsavers badge).

Every time you buy one of them you'll know that, without exaggeration, you're changing lives forever.

And with aid of government matching funds, so far we've been able to:

2018 fund sight restoring operations for 422 blind children.

2019 as of May, fund treatment to protect 58,437 families from river blindness. 

For more information about sightsavers and the amazing work they do, please see

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