About Us

How it all started

Morris and Nicky - we've both been vegetarian since our late teens, and while we thought they were having a balanced diet several decades on, we were both feeling as though we were lacking something… perhaps you know that feeling too?

A friend’s recommendation

A friend recommended we start taking some superfoods, specifically Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Bee Pollen and Chia seeds; to help make up for the protein, vitamins and minerals lacking in our diet.

Our first green smoothie

It was like night and day… almost immediately after making our first ‘superfood green smoothie’, we both experienced an immediate surge of energy.

The next day, Nicky felt warm, not cold as she had done, especially in her hands and feet, and then people started to say how well we looked, asking ‘have you been away?’.

What a difference

There was colour in our cheeks and we had a lot more energy all round, and as time went on, we also noticed that our fingernails and hair both looked more glossy, thick and shiny.

Our minds were made up! And in June 2012 with the help David (Morris' brother), we launched the Golden Greens® range.

With happiness and love

Our goal has been to make Golden Greens Organic, the company that provides the products and service that we would want for ourselves, and every order we send out to you is filled to the brim with happiness and love.

Check on how we’re doing

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We put our hearts and souls into every area we can and, if you send an email or want to speak to someone i.e. a real person, you’ll know that either Morris (left) David (right) or Nicky (middle) will talk to you.

Our full details are: Golden Greens Organic Ltd. Tel: 01394 822 012. Company number 06799051 and registered office address 8 Tidy Road, IP12 2FD.

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